Good evening Hallman community!  

This is Jessica Brenden, Principal of Hallman Elementary School with your weekly Hallman message!  

This week at Hallman, we are getting started with the dress code exchange! We are currently accepting donations of clean polo shirts.  When you submit a usable polo shirt to the exchange, you will get a coupon to use when the exchange is open for “shopping.” The exchange will be open for shopping at the parent meetings we have each month.  We look forward to collecting your donations of usable polos for our students!

Also this week, we are planning for a great opportunity for families. Our monthly parent meeting is coming up and we will be sharing information about how to get the home routines going again.  We all know the importance of routines, and sometimes it can be difficult to get children back into the swing of things. Mrs. Caudillo will be providing information in both English and Spanish to help us teach and reinforce routines at home. Routines include going to bed, brushing teeth, reading at home, or doing chores.  Be sure to put this on your calendar! The meeting for October is on the 9th from 3:45-5:00. Childcare will be provided for the last hour of all meetings. That meeting again is October 9 from 3:45 to 5:00. See you there!

Also, we are sending home forms for families to continue to receive free and reduced lunch prices. The data from these forms allows our school to receive a significant amount of additional funding for reading and math support in the classrooms.  Please be sure to fill out and return these forms to help us continue to have secure funding for your child’s education. We appreciate your help with this.

Finally, I wanted to give you one more reminder about our Early Release Wednesday this month. It is happening THIS Wednesday, October 3 at 12:30. Be sure you have a plan for dismissal and everyone knows the plan (including your child and the school) before Wednesday. Again, Early Release is Wednesday at 12:30.  Thanks!

Thanks for reading and have a great evening!