Salem-Keizer’s Community Partner of the Month for December 2020 is Catholic Community Services, nominated by Principal Jessica Brenden at Hallman Elementary School.

It is my honor to recognize Catholic Community Services, Salem-Keizer’s Community Partner of the Month. Catholic Community Services has been an invaluable resource for us at Hallman Elementary. The work they do to support our students and their families is nothing short of amazing.

For the past few years, they have provided Hallman families and students with a community health worker. This worker is available to support any family at the school.

Our community health worker is like a social worker, times ten. They go to houses, connect families with resources, help students get what they need and so much more. They truly don’t give up on our families.

Beyond providing a community health worker, Catholic Community Services has partnered with Mountain West Philanthropy to establish a system of support for our Hallman community.

A number of families are in complex situations and this system of support helps make sure they don’t fall through the cracks. They coordinate support, whether that be connecting families with the community health worker, Liberty House, Arches, or another organization.

Catholic Community Services also created a six-week class titled “We Flourish Together.” The class helps people be mindful of their needs and helps them understand why we are the way that we are. The class has been offered in English and Spanish several times to people throughout Salem and to the Hallman community. Staff and families have had the opportunity to take this class side-by-side and learn together.

On top of all this Catholic Community Services has helped put together food boxes for families in need and set up free libraries. We are so grateful for all the incredible work they do to support our families and students. We look forward to partnering with them for many years to come!