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Policies & Documents

Dress Code Policy

Why a dress code?

During the 2012-2013 school year, Hallman families and staff voted overwhelmingly in favor of implementing a more formal dress code policy. By requiring a standardized dress code, our desire is to build community, and maintain a focus, academic learning environment free from unnecessary distractions.  This was revisited in the spring on 2018.  Families, students, and staff voted to maintain our dress code.  As a community, we believe it communicates the importance and professionalism of school.

What happens if we forget to wear dress code?

We want to help!  We will provide a dress code shirt for the day because we don’t want anyone to feel left out or embarrassed.  The shirts will be returned at the end of the day to be laundered. If this happens often, we will send a reminder about our Dress Code Policy.

Need help with dress code?

  • Access the dress code exchange! Turn in your child’s too-small clothes for some that are the right size. See Mrs. Caudillo for help.
  • Talk to any staff member and we will get you connected to Mrs. Caudillo for additional support with pants, shoes, etc.

Dress Code Guidelines

Approved Shirts

  • Polo shirts in the following colors:
    • Navy, Black, White, Gray
  • Polos must be solid, no logos or designs
  • Hallman t-shirts
  • School sponsored shirts (choir, Awesome3000, etc.)
  • All shirts need to be clean, well-fitting and free from holes.

Approved Pants

  • Any pants may be worn as long as they are well-fitting and free from holes.
  • Skirts: longer than finger-tip length and shorts should be worn under to allow for full participation in activities.
  • No pajama bottoms.

Approved Shoes

  • Shoes must be safe and appropriate for daily physical activity.


Must be solid, no logos or designs and in the approved colors: Navy, grey, black, or white.